CArtsCon 2019: ‘Changing the Narrative’

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Welcome to the Canterbury Arts Conference (CArtsCon). CArtsCon is an annual conference that brings together people who are interested in the arts to share their ideas, knowledge, and experience around a theme. The theme for 2019 is “Changing the Narrative“. We are now considering proposals for papers, workshops, films, etc. The deadline for this is March 1, 2019.

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CArtsCon2019: Changing the Narrative

#CArtsCon2018 has been and gone and what a whirlwind that was. This year’s theme was Moving Art.  Below you will find a simple summary of this year’s events.

Welcome Reception

CArtsCon 2018 Welcome Reception

Dr Julian Ng, Sheriff Jeanette Stockley; Sheriff’s consort Ian Stockley

#CArtsCon2018 began with a welcome reception at the Canterbury Baptist Church from 18:30 on Tuesday, July 10. Dr Julian Ng, CArtsCon Director, welcomed everyone officially to the event. The Sheriff of Canterbury, Councillor Jeanette Stockley, spoke about Canterbury and its love of the arts. Her consort, Councillor Ian Stockley, was also on hand to greet participants and attendees. Winners of the Schools Art Competition were announced and prizes were presented by the Sheriff.

CArtsCon 2018 Welcome reception

Steve Portchmouth and Diana Holbrook; part of the attendees sitting waiting

Architect Diana Holbrook of the Marlowe Society and renowned sculptor Steve Portchmouth presented a proposed statue for the city of Canterbury of its famous son, Elizabethan dramatist Christopher Marlowe.

Day 1

CArtsCon 2018 Day 1

Professor Pickering; Dr Nanyoung Kim; Dr Julian Ng

Professor Kenneth Pickering opened the Conference with a masterclass on music, movement and the making of performance. True to the theme, there was much of all of the above. Dr Nanyoung Kim brought colour to the fore with her humanistic approach to how colour came about in art and what it signified, and to what extent people were willing to go for a particular colour. A history lesson of sorts was given by Dr Julian Ng on how Christopher Marlowe’s courageous use of blank verse revolutionised the theatrical and literary scenes of the Elizabethan age, setting the scene for writers like Shakespeare to propel the English language to new heights.

CArtsCon 2018 Day 1

Julie Flower leads everyone in an improv session

Improvisational comic and business consultant, Julie Flower, led part of the group on a spirited workshop to discover their ability to handle spontaneity and uncover their hidden improv timing.

CArtsCon 2018 Day 1

Participants cutting, pasting and creating their own comic book characters

Tom Cleary ran his much-loved comics character creation workshop again this year allowing everyone to get their creative juices flowing, while Dr Julian Ng led the group on a songwriting exercise.

Short Film Festival

CArtsCon 2018 Day 1 - Short Film Festival

From left: Pauan Soares and Guillermo Aracil talk about their short films; the audience watching one of Linnea Bagander’s films.

In the evening, our annual short film festival showcased a range of efforts from different parts of the world. Linnea Bågander from Sweden had two short films focusing on the art of movement and dance. Regular American contributor Karissa Hahn submitted a series of short films entitled “Please Step Out of the Frame!”. Pauan Soares and Baiba Rozenfelde showed off what happens when a Brazilian filmmaker collaborates with Latvian choreographer with their stunning effort “Vanitas: Butterfly”. Guillermo Aracil Momparler from Spain made a commentary on modern consumerism. New York-based artist Raymond Pettibon considered whether we can move art across generations, while British filmmakers Mac Nixon and Will Guppy had the audience in stitches with their hilarious comedy “AirA&E”.

Kit the Musical Showcase

CArtsCon 2018 Day 1 - Kit theMusical

Jake Byrom opened the showcase with his portrayal of Will Shakespeare.

Dr Julian Ng showcased 4 songs for the first time from his musical “Kit“. Retelling the life and times of Christopher Marlowe, the musical was presented by three talented actors: Jake Byrom, Tristan Semon-Ward, and Aoife Beer.

CArtsCon 2018 Day 1 - Kit theMusical

Tristan Semon-Ward played Christopher Marlowe; Aoife Beer brought Queen Elizabeth I to life; the writer with his actors.

Day 2

CArtsCon 2018 Day 2

Dr Pamela Hatton, Dr Nanyoung Kim, Professor Owen Evans

Day 2 began in earnest with Dr Pamela Hatton talking about how art can be used as an effective form of therapy (or part of therapy). Dr Nanyoung Kim delivered two presentations today: one on the history and beauty of Islamic art, and another on how internship programmes can help create appreciation for and the restoration of historic buildings and monuments. Professor Owen Evans, together with Tristi Brownett, spoke of ‘breaking out of the temples of culture’ and the need to make the arts more approachable to all levels of community.

CArtsCon 2018 Day 2

Tristi Brownett; Assistant Professor Hiroo Matsumoto; David Burridge

Visiting Scholar Hiroo Matsumoto shared ideas on how to enhance children’s learning through art appreciation. David Burridge spoke about the Big Reveal project which is changing lives and bring community closer together by encouraging people of all ages to excel themselves through music.

CArtsCon 2018 Day 2

Dr Peter Gregory; participants grouping up for lunch; participants who ‘remembered’ to take a group photo on the last day!

Principal lecturer at Canterbury Christchurch University, Dr Peter Gregory, closed #CArtsCon2018 by challenging us to think about the state of the arts in education. As always, participants bonded strongly. Returning participants were pleased to catch up with people they had met before, and there was the familiar sense of camaraderie. Thank you one and all for your support, love and efforts. See you again in 2019 for the next conference.

School Competition Art Winners

Congrats to all winners, especially those who came along to receive their prizes from the Sheriff of Canterbury.  A big thanks to Cowling and Wilcox Canterbury for donating all the prizes. Here are some photos of the winners, together with the Sheriff of Canterbury.

CArtsCon 2018 School Competition Winners CArtsCon 2018 School Competition Winners CArtsCon 2018 School Competition Winners CArtsCon 2018 School Competition Winners

The full list of winners are as follows:

Year 5

  1. Ava Medeiros
  2. Hania Birnie
  3. Hannah Everest
  4. Zack Rogers
  5. Tilly Costain-Perry

Year 7

  1. Eleanore Erancis
  2. Daisy
  3. Kylee Carroll
  4. Elsie Leicester
  5. Katie Moore

Year 8 (St Anselm’s school):

  1. Anise Burr
  2. Feba Sebastian
  3. Tara Oyella-Ogaba
  4. Molly Gaffney
  5. Hope Peacock

Year 9 (St Anselm’s school):

  1. Ava Birch-Webb
  2. Abigail Flockhart-Papell
  3. Lara Brightwell
  4. Avalon Drew
  5. Katy Hawkins


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