CArtsCon 2017: ‘Art for Change’

Welcome to the Canterbury Arts Conference (CArtsCon).

Like previous CArtsCon conferences, this year’s theme is another conundrum. “Change” is typically seen as making something different, developing it, and/or moving it from one place or state to another. But “change” can also refer to loose coins — the few pennies we have left over — or to money in general.

Therefore, the topic for CArtsCon 2017 will fuse these concepts into a lively debate:

  • Can art drive change (or movement or development)?
  • Can art change moods and minds?
  • Can and how is art created for very little money?
  • Is art created with a substantial “piece of change” (a lot of money) also worthwhile?
  • And…how do we create powerful arts movements with or without significant funds? How does money factor into the overall process?

Read more about it here.

Come and enjoy learning new things, sharing ideas, and making new friends!


Who is Presenting?

See and read more about our presenters here…


NEW: Schools Art Competition

This year, we are holding an art competition for the secondary schools in Canterbury. The topic is “How art can change society”, which is completely open to interpretation by the students. Head judge for the competition is Dr Peter Gregory FRSA, the principal lecturer of Creative Arts Education at Canterbury Christchurch University. See the lovely artwork entries here.


Exclusive Preview of a Brand New Musical

The evening of July 19th will see the exclusive preview of a brand new musical entitled ‘Kit‘ which celebrates the life and times of controversial Elizabethan dramatist, Christopher Marlowe. Having apparently been murdered at a relatively young age, the musical looks at Marlowe’s work as a spy and the compelling argument that he may have written Shakespeare’s greatest works. Written by Julian Ng, the preview will feature actual scenes and songs from the show. Places are limited so booking is necessary.

Kit the Musical by Julian Ng at CArtsCon 2017

Kit the Musical by Julian Ng


Short Film Festival

A short film festival will take place on July 20th showcasing work from up-and-coming film/animation students as well as professional filmmakers. Get your tickets here.

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