To Canterbury – Travel Tips

CAR SERVICES: There are a number of car services that you can book to get you from London to Canterbury. If you GOOGLE “car service from London to Canterbury” a variety of options will pop up. Car service can be quite pricey, but if you are traveling with other people you can split the cost among you. We do recommend that you book your car service ahead of time–and do some research to find the best priced–and best reviewed–services.

High Speed Rail from London to Canterbury

High Speed Rail from London to Canterbury

HIGH SPEED RAIL: The most cost effective (and often the fastest) way to travel from Heathrow to Canterbury is to use the high-speed rail from London. The instructions follow:

  • Take the London Underground (tube/subway) from Heathrow to London Kings Cross/St Pancras. (From Heathrow Airport to Kings Cross/St Pancras takes about 55 minutes, direct train.) There are plenty of signs and people to ask to get you to the London Underground.
  • Emerge from the depths and enter St Pancras main line station, then go off to buy a ticket to Canterbury (West Station). Look for the South Eastern Railway (domestic) ticket office. The person in the ticket office can help if you have any questions. You want a direct train ticket to Canterbury on the high speed train.
  • The high speed trains run every day and at least once every hour. The trip to Canterbury takes 55 minutes.
  • Trains leave from St Pancras Station (platforms 11 to 13) at 12 minutes past the hour.
  • The London – Canterbury trains are a walk up service. Reservations are neither required nor available.
  • You can also take slower trains to Canterbury West station from Charing Cross Station, Waterloo East, London Bridge or Stratford International.
  • If you prefer to go to Canterbury East station, take the train from London Victoria.
  • More information can be found from the National Rail website.

BUSES: Canterbury is served by the National Express bus service. There are quite a few services per day, and you can book online in advance and save yourself money. Journey times vary and are typically 90 minutes or more. Visit the National Express website for more information and to book tickets.

Canterbury is a very small city. If you are booked into lodgings either within or very near to city centre, your hotel will be within walking distance of the train station. You may contact your hotel and ask specifically how to get to their location from the train station.

WHAT TO PACK: One never knows what the weather will be like in Canterbury during July. Generally, it will be sunny and hot. We suggest that you visit a few days before traveling to get an idea of what clothing to pack. It never hurts to be prepared, so you might want to tuck a foldable umbrella in your suitcase. It is England, you know! Please also be aware that Canterbury is a “walk-around” city–with brick and cobblestone streets. Vehicles aren’t allowed in city centre–so bring comfortable walking shoes!

TRAVEL LIGHT: We always like to dress nicely for our conference events. But we have nothing planned that is overly formal–so there’s no need for tuxedos or gowns. The airline can’t lose your luggage if they don’t have it! There are a variety of websites and online videos that provide tips on how to maximize the potential of your carry-on luggage. Have a look–so you can travel light!

CONFIRM YOUR LODGINGS: Canterbury is always crowded during conference time–and lodges, inns, and hotels are solidly booked. Make sure to confirm your reservations just ahead of your trip. IF you are going to be arriving later than the usual check-in time at your hotel, make sure to assure your hotel that you WILL be there. You don’t want your room(s) given away because your hotel didn’t think you would be there!

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