Partners and Sponsors

The Canterbury Arts Conference (CArtsCon) is about sharing, learning, and networking. We are very lucky that we have partners who work with us to ensure a sound and enjoyable program for everyone.

Previous Partners and Sponsors

Cowling and WIlcox

Kent Creative Smartphone Film School Wise Thoughts Festival

Arte Academy Open to CreateThe Canterbury Index

Since the conference is not-for-profit, we depend on conference fees and sponsors to be able to put together a good programme and bring in excellent speakers and workshop presenters.

We are grateful for any sponsorships to help bring like-minded people together. If your organisation prefers to ‘give back’ to the community or to connect more closely with arts professionals, this could be a useful way to extend your marketing reach and branding.

To date, we have welcomed participants from all over the world and each year brings new faces.

What You Can Sponsor

  • Venue hire
  • Accommodation and transport
  • Refreshments and/or food
  • Conference materials
  • Prizes

A minimum donation of £25 will ensure that you are listed in the Conference booklets as a sponsor.

You can place an advertisement in the A4 booklet. Rates are as follows:

  • 1/4 A5 page – £25
  • 1/2 A5 page – £50
  • Full A5 page – £75

Contact us if you would like more information, or complete the form below.

Current Sponsors

Warnborough College

Please use this form to submit your proposal for sponsorship.

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